Whether simple or complex, your issues matter.

Gaynor Law offers comprehensive expertise to manage the full range of family law issues. There’s no such a thing as an insignificant issue; if it’s important to you, it’s a priority to us.


Gaynor Law represents individuals seeking to dissolve their marriages, guiding them through the entire legal process. We focus on three different approaches to attaining a divorce:


Collaborative Law
An out-of-court process in which the parties form a team with their lawyers, coaches, a financial neutral, and other professionals to structure information-gathering and discussions to reach full agreements on all matters. The collaborative team is in control of the final settlement and the process.


A traditional courtroom process in which Gaynor Law and the other spouse’s attorney gather evidence, and prepare and present their cases before a judge, who is the final decision-maker through hearings on interim issues and trial.

Contested Hearings and Trials

When parties are unable to resolve issues between themselves or between their attorneys, they turn to the courts. Hearings and trials require each side to provide testimony and evidence to support and/or defend claims. The judge decides the issue after considering the evidence and arguments presented by each party.


We help an individual after a trial or final hearing to appeal a judge’s ruling in order to achieve a different outcome. We assess whether the court’s rulings warrant an appeal, or defend against appeals filed by the opposing party.

Post-Decree Matters

We help clients address enforcement and modification issues that may arise after a judgment or final order is entered.

Pre-Marital Agreements and Education

We assist the bride or groom in discussing financial issues that may arise in the course of a marriage, and when appropriate, help them create an agreement governing financial issue in the event of a dissolution of marriage or death of a spouse.

Post-Nuptial Agreements

One of the spouses meets with Gaynor Law to create an agreement to manage their rights and all financial obligations to help them avoid divorce. In the event reconciliation efforts aren’t successful and their marriage is dissolved in the future, the agreement will be honored and implemented.

Pre-Divorce Planning

In the event parties are preparing for a divorce, we help them determine what information and documents to gather and anticipate issues that are likely to arise. Gaynor Law also consults with individuals who may be contemplating a divorce to educate them about the process and financial and parenting issues.

Domestic Violence Matters

We help parties who are in abusive and violent situations seek Orders of Protection and help the plan a course of action to secure their and their children’s safety. We also help assemble a team of professionals to guide them through this process.

Uncontested Matters

When parties have already reached agreement, such as after completing mediation, we work with them to enter agreed orders and judgments, ensure they have covered all issues, and resolve previously unidentified issues.